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Stan's HVAC Services was formed in March of 2004 out of a desire to provide quality service to residential homeowners, in Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties. I became very indignant watching the poor quality of workmanship amongst my fellow peers within the HVAC industry. All too often, the concept "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" was an expression Heating and Air-conditioning Contractors/managers lived up to. As long as the customer did not complain about the quality of the work or a completed service did not lead to a callback, management was pretty darn happy. No one really cared if the work did not meet manufacturer's specs or industry standards. Because it was non-existent for companies to do "Quality Assurance Inspections" for service and installation work, more often than not, field employees attempted to fit square pegs into round holes, to coin a phrase.

Unfortunately, too many companies have proven themselves to be unreliable. They use unqualified technicians who perform substandard work (see photos below), overcharge by stretching the billable hours, and do not test to make sure the system isn't costing you, the customer, more ($) to run than it should. The more I was confronted with these controversies, the more they became obvious sources of contention for me, knowing we could do better as an industry.

This was another catalyst that drove me to entrepreneurship. I have always believed a company should require its employees to engage in a set amount of training hours per month to ensure they posses, and retain, the proper knowledge and experience to stay up to date in servicing and installing HVAC equipment. To assure our customers and potential clientele, every visit to their home will be met with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism. I made mandatory training a part of my company's policy. Everyone here at Stan's HVAC Services, LLC is subject to monthly training, including myself. It is for this reason we can say with confidence "We are committed to provide both our residential and commercial clientele with the trust, experience and professionalism they deserve." Our focus is to provide our customers with the newest technologies in the market, including the ability to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

I grew up in the Camden/Pennsauken area in a single parent home. On many occasions there were contractors making some sort of repair in our home. Many times these contractors did not perform their job(s) as agreed upon to a satisfactory level. Because of these early experiences, I decided to develop a business of high integrity, offering quality service to homeowners and businesses.

I enjoyed growing up in this area and had a desire to work within my community. For many years, I dedicated a large degree of my early adulthood to working with a youth program that focused on helping young people to live productive lives. My relationship with this program, which is still around today, started in my mid-teens and continued into my late 20's. I still possess a passion to serve my community but in a different way. I want homeowners to understand not all HVAC contractors have your best interest at heart. I want everyone to know that if the contractor performs a subpar installation and does not calibrate, test or adjust for performance your equipment will not operate at its listed efficiencies or reach its average life expectancy. DO NOT ASSUME ALL CONTRACTORS PERFORM THESE PROCEDURES. If they do not provide documentation, how are you assured it has been, or will be done, to industry standards? My goal is to make sure our customers receive this level of quality on every visit from our employees.