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AirFlow Testing and Balancing

Up to just 10 years ago, air balancing was performed only on large commercial buildings. Today you can get this same precision adjustment in your home from Stan’s HVAC Services, LLC.

Just because your heating and cooling system is operating doesn’t mean it’s working at peak efficiency. Your central heating and cooling equipment operates like your cardiovascular system to move conditioned air. Your air-handler (the heart) pumps the air (like blood) through the ductwork (or veins) sending the conditioned air (vital nutrients) to the house (body). Your HVAC equipment relies on many aspects working together efficiently to maximize your comfort with minimum energy cost.

The average forced air system operates 30% to 50% below its recommended airflow. As air passes through the equipment it carries the conditioned air inside. The effectiveness of the system is entirely dependent on the amount of airflow. Airflow testing and balancing is the process of diagnosing and adjusting your air conditioning system to deliver the recommended amount of air to each room in your home. The actual process includes a number of related tests that determine the performance of your air conditioning and heating system.

If you are concerned about the efficiency or comfort provided by your heating and air conditioning equipment or if you are about to make a major purchase of a new heater or air-conditioner system then you should learn about what air diagnostic and balancing can do for your home. Don’t be fooled into thinking that replacing your furnace or air- conditioner is the only way to lower your utility bills. Those big boxes that heat and cool are reliant upon the distribution system that delivers conditioned air to each room. If a contractor doesn’t check airflow they are only addressing part of the puzzle.

NCI Certified technicians are different than standard HVAC technicians. Most companies are in business to just fix or replace heating and cooling equipment. As certified Air Balancing Technicians we consider the entire system and are qualified to test, diagnose, and repair your ducts as well as your equipment.

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What is Air Balancing and Air Diagnostics?


Air diagnostic is the process of testing your HVAC system through the use of tools to measure the amount of airflow pressure, temperature and humidity at each supply and return grille. Air balancing is the actual work performed to increase or decrease airflow into specific rooms to improve occupant comfort.  The results of all these tests are compiled into a report to determine how well your system is functioning. This information allows us to repair and balance the ductwork for maximum system performance. The end result is having rooms that are the same temperature, cleaner air, better humidity control and real energy savings. A contractor with the right tools and training can improve the performance of virtually any system.


What Is An NCI Certified Contractor?


NCI Certified Contractors are HVAC industry professionals that have trained under National Comfort Institute in Air Balancing & HVAC System Diagnostics or Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysis. National Comfort Institute is one of the leading suppliers of home comfort training. Through their time tested procedures they guide HVAC contractors to diagnose and repair your home or office comfort problems.


Why Choose A Certified Air Balancing Contractor?


You can count on Stan’s HVAC Services to do your diagnostic and repair work efficiently because our technicians are NCI (National Comfort Institute) certified.

Why chose an NCI certified contractor, for the same reasons most of us choose:

  • A certified public accountant to do our taxes
  • A certified realtor to sell our houses
  • An AMA-certified doctor to examine and treat us
  • A bar-certified lawyer to represent us in court

In all of these professions, the designations come to people who have studied, tested and achieved a level of competence that resulted in receiving a professional designation.

An NCI certified contractor in air diagnostics and balancing, or certified in carbon monoxide and combustion is no different. NCI certified contractors have attended classes, are trained to  use specialized equipment, and are constantly up-to-date on the latest diagnostic and repair techniques in these fields.

An NCI certified technician has passed a recognized testing process which validates his or her understanding of the technology and procedures used in this field. In addition, NCI monitors their certified contractors and requires recertification every 2 years.

You might find a qualified uncertified contractor who could diagnose your comfort problem.  You might also find someone who knows a lot about law who could represent you in court.  The question is – does it make sense?


Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Systems


QUESTION: What is a duct system?
ANSWER: It transports air throughout your home and then takes it back to the equipment. The ducts also control how much air is delivered to each room. The right amount of air will keep the room temperatures where they need to be. If ducts are damaged, improperly installed or the wrong size, they can cut your system’s ability to heat or cool by more than half when you need it the most. Your duct system directly affects your home comfort.

QUESTION: Why Should I Have My Ducts Fixed?
ANSWER: A poorly performing duct system can cause air comfort problems, high utility bills or could potentially become hazardous. A qualified contractor can measure your entire system’s performance and show you how to get the most out of your central heating and air-conditioning system.

QUESTION: How well do my ducts work?
ANSWER: Ducts move air, and air is invisible. So to determine if your ducts are working or not, air properties must be measured. Stan’s HVAC Services, LLC can measure how much air goes to each room and compare it to how much is needed. We will also take other measurements including temperatures and pressures to determine how well your ducts work. Then we will review the results of the test with you.

QUESTION: Why don’t other contractors address my duct system?
ANSWER: Unfortunately few have the knowledge or own the tools and instruments to measure the performance of your duct system. If they can’t measure it, they have no idea how to fix it, or even where to begin. The assumption is “Out of sight, out of mind!”

QUESTION: Other contractors have offered to seal my ducts. Isn’t that the same thing?
ANSWER: No. While duct sealing is definitely done as part of a renovation, sealing by itself cannot address many of the flaws in a duct system. In many cases, just sealing the ductwork can make the problem worse, as it could choke down airflow causing depressurization of the space. In this case, it can cause back-drafting of flues leading to dangerous carbon monoxide problems. Other resulting problems could eventually lead to equipment failure.

QUESTION: Will renovating my ducts make the rooms that are uncomfortable more comfortable?
ANSWER: Comfort will increase. A good renovation should also improve indoor air quality and reduce energy use.

QUESTION: How can I be assured the ducts have been renovated properly?
ANSWER: With our NCI certified seal of approval you can be assured we conform to their standards.  Stan’s HVAC Services, LLC will test and adjust the results of the duct renovation prior to completion. We will provide you with a test report showing the final operating condition of your system compared to how it functioned before the repairs were made. In other words, we will prove that you got what you paid for – in writing!